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Bertrand Traore: In Numbers

Aston Villa completed the signing of Bertrand Traore last week for a fee amounting up to £19m. To many fans this seems like an absolute coup for Dean Smiths men. Traore has outstanding numbers and stats. Within this article I will explore his stats and go into more detail about them and what they mean for villa, also we will talk about how he will improve villa as a side.

Firstly, Traores stats are absolutely insane. Throughout his whole career, Bertrand has started 165 games and got 95 goal contributions. This is absolutely insane and he is only 25. In his first season at Lyon he scored 13 goals and accumulated around 4 assists. He mostly played as a striker and obviously performed very well. In his second season he didn’t score as many goals (bagging himself around 7 goals) and got two less assists. Then in his final season he scored 1 goal and got 3 assist, however it must be noted that he played the majority of that season as a right wing back which he was never really going to succeed in as he is not a defender.

I really feel he will succeed at villa and that he will score some goals and help the team. He brings pace and skill and a bit of unpredictability to a side that really lacked that last season. He will provide competition to El Ghazi and Trezeguet and hopefully make them perform even better.

His stats from previous seasons mean that if played in the correct position for villa he could be a real asset for us this season. It means he could provide genuine pace and versatility to villa also with his ability to play as a right winger and as a striker.

This signing genuinely has me really excited to see what he can do and if Smith and co can coach the raw ability he obviously possesses he could be a threat to any defensive in this league. Hopefully he will play against Bristol City so we can see what he can do in a less pressured circumstances.

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