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Cash in Quotes

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Yesterday Aston Villa completed the signing of Matty Cash from Nottingham Forest for a fee rising up to a potential £16m. I see this as a very astute signing for Villa. We as fans are delighted to see him arrive at the club and see what he is capable of. A key asset Cash possesses is his versatility. He can play a multitude of positions including: central midfield, right midfielder on the wing or even at right back last season where he mostly played as a RB for Nottingham Forest and performed at a very high standard all season.

In 42 appearances, Matty Cash scored 3 goals and got 5 assists. Cash also averages around 3.6 crosses per game, 3 dribbles per game, 7 interceptions, 9.1 ball recoveries and has created 34 chances. As this is all from the defensively focused position of RB, it is evident that he enjoys to rampage forward with the ball to great effect. Additionally, he also looks to get balls into the box at a hugely impressive rate. Meanwhile there is a high amount of evidence to prove that he enjoys to win the ball back and can be very good defensively. This is very impressive for a player who has only recently started playing as a RB. We at the villa vision believe that he has all the attributes to become a very good full back in the future. At the age of 23, he is bound to get better and better with age and experience.

However, there is always two sides to every story and our gain is unfortunately Nottingham Forests loss. Despite this, a handful of Nottingham forest fans have been supportive enough to give us their opinion on the player. These were a selection of the replies we received: 'Really committed and hard working player, a proper team man with a cracking delivery. Also can produce a power shot on him at times' 'An incredible hard working individual who will give plenty of passion for the badge' ‘He isn’t afraid of flying into challenges and he's very good going forward. Captain Material' ‘He is 100% committed from the first minute to the last. Great quality in the final third, and given – he has only played RB for a season – is defensively sound and will only get better with experience' What we have managed to decipher from these quotes is that many forest fans wish him the best, and they also gave us many detailing information which we massively appreciate. Many of the forest fans see him as a good player that loves to go forward and attack teams, whilst also being able to win the ball back and is not shy of a tackle. One of the forest fans state 'with a cracking delivery' from this we can expect him to whip in many very good crosses and create chances for our strikers to score goals. He will be able to support the wingers and overlap or underlap them and create chances that way.

They also state 'plenty of passion for the badge', this hints that he is a very passionate player. Captain material' also hints that he could be a leader around the dressing room alongside the likes of Mcginn, Grealish and Mings. This signing is a very exciting one and certainly has us excited to see what he can do and provide something different for the team. He can also provide much needed competition for Frederic Guilbert and push him even further too. This is an exciting prospect and we look forward to seeing him play in the claret and blue. Article By: Ben Davis Twitter: www.twitter.com/AVFCLegend1234 The Villa Vision Twitter: www.twitter.com/TheVillaVision Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/TheVillaVision Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/TheVillaVision

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