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Does Jack Grealish need to win a trophy to be considered a Villa 'Legend'?

Jack Grealish is not an Aston Villa legend. Well not yet anyway. In this feature article I will be discussing what Jack needs to do to become a Villa legend…

There is always a big debate around legendary status at a football club. An example I always come back to is this. Darren Fletcher won a lot of trophies for Manchester United. Is he a Manchester United legend? Of course not. Matt le Tissier never won a trophy with Southampton. Is he a Southampton legend? Of course he is. there is more to it than just winning trophies. Trophies help secure legendary status, but it is not all you should be looking at.

Right, onto Jack, he has played 6 seasons at the club now. In those 6 seasons Aston Villa as a football club have had 2 successful seasons, 2 average seasons where we have reached cups finals and stayed in the premier league and 2 dreadful seasons. His Villa career has had ups and downs however with every negative moment he has managed to grow from it and become a much better player and person from those experiences.

Jack’s breakthrough moment in a Villa shirt must be that incredible FA cup semi final performance vs Liverpool at the age of 19 where he was absolute quality and received the Man of the Match award. That was the game where he really showed the country how good a player he is. However, Jack then followed that up with a poor season the following year where he played a ridiculously small part in the abysmal Villa side that got relegated in the 15/16 season. The 3 years in the Championship that followed were huge for Jack and spending 3 seasons in a very physical league really changed who he was as a player. He really matured as both a player and a man in those 3 seasons. In my opinion, the big turning point in Jack’s career was the injury he received in a friendly against Watford. It allowed him to really change his playing style and very much toughen up physically and he became an absolute specimen of a footballer both physically and mentally.

Now I will move on to the future. What does Jack need to do to be considered a club legend?

I don’t think he is too far away. However, I do think he needs to stay at the club for a few more years and really establish himself as one of the best players in the premier league like he was last season. Like I said, I do not think Jack has to win a major trophy with Villa however if he does that automatically lifts him up to legendary status among every villa fan in my opinion.

In terms of stats for Jack, I think a few more seasons where he gets 10 goals and around 7 or 8 assists for Villa would be enough to cement his status as an Aston Villa legend for sure. In addition to that if he can hit around 400 appearances to the club, adding to the 159 he has already made, then that can also be a big factor.

Jack really is a special, special talent who has such a unique playing style that really does set him apart from other players in the premier league. He is agile, has incredible balance, he has a brilliant eye for a pass, strikes a ball supremely well, has this awesome ability to somehow move quicker with the ball at his feet than without, and most importantly, Jack gives everything for Aston Villa. His Blood sweat and Tears approach to every game he plays makes him a credit to himself, his family and Aston Villa.

I fully expect Jack to continue to play outstanding football for Aston Villa, stay at the club for at least another 3 seasons and therefore I believe he will become an Aston Villa club legend.

Thanks for everyone for reading this article, it was a lot of fun to write and up the Villa! Article by: Jake Alberice Twitter | The Villa Vision Twitter | Facebook Page | Facebook Group

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