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The Wonderful Story of Watkins & Woody

EXCLUSIVE: The Wonderful Story of Ollie Watkins and Woody

We at The Villa Vision are delighted to share an incredibly special story with you today, the story of Ollie and Woody, I hope you all enjoy the story as much as I do:

Woody cannot talk as he has Downs Syndrome and autism. Brentford FC is his passion and he went to every home game before Covid and a few away too. Ollie became Woody’s favourite player and woody would wait after every game for ollie, sometimes for 2 hours. Woody got to know Ollie and he always had time for Woody and a kind word. Over time Ollie found out where Woody sat and would celebrate a goal for Woody.

Once, he called Woody on to the pitch and gave him a cuddle and his shirt. As Woody has not been able to go to the football Ollie has been face timing Woody and coming to his house to see him, playing hopscotch and just spending time with him as he knows Woody misses’ football so much.

Every time the team came out, Ollie always waved to Woody and signed to him (that's how Woody communicates). The biggest gift you can give someone is your time and Ollie gave that to Woody. Woody can say Ollie now and he can recognise number 11. This shows what such a genuine unpretentious young man Ollie is and someone with a huge heart.

I think it is safe to say that Ollie has not done this for any publicity at all as before now, he has gained extraordinarily little publicity from being Ollie’s guardian angel. I think this just goes to show how villa have signed a player with a massive heart who we all hope will do amazing things in the premier league.

Thank you for reading this wonderful story.

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